Medical Alert Alarms

Medical Alert Alarms

Imagine someone elderly being alone in the house having no one for company the whole day. The elderly person might be suffering from a disorder or a disease as is normally seen in them. What can one do when an emergency strikes? How will the person summon help, when he knows that he is collapsing or will lose consciousness within a short period of time?

This is where a medical alert alarms comes into picture and proves to be important. A medical alert alarms consists of a transmitter and a console. The transmitter can be in the form of a pendant or a bracelet on which there is a button. So whenever the patient suffers a sudden attack or is going to collapse, he presses the button. Radioactive signals are transferred from the device to the console, which is connected to the telephone. The console directs the telephone to automatically call the help line number. The clerk at the office picks up the phone and tries to talk with the patient. If the patient is able to talk the officer tries to calm him down and encourages him to start treatment on his own until further help arrives. If the patient is not able to answer, the officer immediately sends an ambulance or medical help to the patient's house. On the way to the patient's house the medico team will try its best to establish further contact with the patient. Once it reaches the patient's house, treatment is started immediately.

This is how the medical alert alarms can be useful and in fact can save patients life. The organizations providing such services have complete personal information and medical history of its members in its database. So when a call is received at the 24/7 center, a complete details about the patient is flashed on the computer screen so that further action can be undertaken immediately. Hence the medical alert alarms has proved to be a very important life saving device for each and every household across the world.

The range of the signal from the device to the console varies from 100 feet for a normal system to 600 feet for the most powerful systems. Most of these devices are waterproof but it is advisable not to use them when taking a shower having a bath. So get a medical alert alarms today, register as a member at one of the reputed organizations and you can save yours or another member's life one day. The cost normally is about 200 dollars and then a fee of dollar 1 or 2 is to be paid per day, but it is worth it. The medical alerts system can be bought from a pharmacy or from a hospital or can be ordered online also.

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