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Description and Possible Medical Problems
Of the countless medical conditions throughout the years, some can be of the foot problems I see won't occur if you wear shoes that fit properly.
This includes heel pain. The tough pad that comprises your heel serves as a shock absorber for your entire foot as well as the rest of your body. If you feel a pain in your heel every time you take a step, the pad of your heel is probably inflamed, which may be caused by absorbing too much shock. Though some people may call your condition a heel spur, this is a misnomer, since a heel spur is a problem with the bone of the heel, in which part of it becomes calcified. A heel spur is excruciatingly painful, since a bone is digging directly into your skin.
Heel pain is usually due—again!—to wearing shoes that don't fit properly or pounding on your heel while walking or running. Women are also prone to heel pain when they switch from high heels to flat shoes. High heels force you to walk on your toes, whereas if you start to wear flats, there will be more weight on your heel than it's accustomed to.
If you think you have an inflamed heel pad, try changing the shoes you wear to comfortable, flat shoes that have a lot of padding in the heel. While the pain remains, however, you can take aspirin and apply ice to reduce the swelling. This is all most people need. Others, however, will need to see their doctor, who may decide to inject corticosteroids into the heel for instant relief.

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