Medical Alert Buttons

Medical Alert Buttons

Medical alert systems have gained a lot of importance in the global market, especially in the western countries. However the concept is yet to catch up in developing or underdeveloped countries. Medical alert systems are known to be life savers as they have played a crucial role whenever someone has faced a medical emergency, like a sudden heart attack, collapse or losing consciousness.

A medical alert system consists of a transmitter device like a pendant or a bracelet and which there is a button. There is also a console stationed in the house, preferably in a central location. Whenever a patient faces a medical emergency, he can immediately press the medical alert button on the device. The radio signals are transferred to the console which automatically rings the emergency number from the patient's telephone. The service is on a 24/7 basis, 365 a days. The officer at the other line picks up the phone and tries to speak to the patient. If the patient is not able to speak, then he sends an emergency team in an ambulance immediately.

The officer also calls up the family members of the patient who may not be at home when the calamity has struck. In case the patient is living alone, the paramedics will try to contact one of the patient's relatives. All personal information and medical history of the patient is stored in a database at the centre. So when the phone rings, the entire patient's data is flashed on the computer, so that action can be initiated almost easily.

So we see how pressing the help medical alert button on the device can summon the medicos in virtually no time and they can save the patients life. The medical alert button including the device is waterproof and the device has a range of 50-600 feet depending on the type of device used. However it is advisable not to use the device during a shower or while taking a bath.

The current devices come in all types of shapes and colours. In fact, the pendants worn by the patient are very elegant. They can also be exquisitely made in gold or silver. And the small button on these devices can save the lives of so many people today. So go ahead, buy a medical alert system. Who knows, even in a place where there all people are healthy, calamity can strike in another way like an accident or a fall which calls for medical help immediately.

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