Medical Alert Cards

Medical Alert Cards

People today are susceptible to a lot of diseases and disorders. Unhealthy life styles prove to be the single major cause of diseases and disorders. For example obesity or diabetes is found to be the most common disorder in people around the world. And most of the time it is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle. Also everyone suffers from one type of malady or another, especially towards the later part of their life. In this case, medical alert cards prove to be very handy. How often do people faint or collapses due to increasing pressure are work or how often do people suffer from a nervous breakdown? A person suffering from a sudden heart attack is sometimes a common sight to see in almost every family. And even if one is healthy he may meet with an accident while going to office or coming back from work.

In all these cases, medical alert cards prove to be a godsend. Doctors often advise their patients to keep all their personal and medical records in a medical alert card. A medical alert card contains vital information about the patient including his name, address, age, and also the doctor's address and telephone number. Medical alert card also contains vital information about the patient's medical history including any disorders or diseases he is suffering from and also the medications that he is under. Also it is necessary to put down information about the allergies suffered by the patient in case of certain drugs. Medical alert card can easily fit into the person's purse or his wallet or even in a small key chain providing vital information immediately.

So when a person collapses or meets with an accident, a passer by who wants to help can search his wallet and find all detailed information about the patient in the medical alert card that the patient carries. He can summon the ambulance immediately and also notify the patient's family members and the patient's doctor. By contacting the patient's doctor on the phone he can ask the doctor any immediate action to be taken before the ambulance drops in, as the doctor knows the patient's medical history very well. Also it becomes very easy to trace the telephone number of patient's family and inform them about the patient's condition. Hence a small medical alert can play an important role in saving the patients life and there is no harm in keeping one with you in case you meet with an emergency at any stage of your life.

Carrying a Medical alert card can make a patient feel more secure and confident, as he knows that vital help can be summoned in a very short time. A medical alert card should preferably be laminated to avoid damage and the writing should be legible for everyone to read. A marker can be used for the same.

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