Medical Alert in Canada

Medical Alert in Canada

Today we talk about the medical alert systems market in Canada. We see that medical alert systems have gained a lot of importance lately in the western countries like Canada due to their significant contribution towards saving peoples' lives. Medical alert systems can consist of a sophisticated system like a two-way communication device or can consist of a simple tag containing all vital information about a person.

There are many companies in Canada like Medic Alert who have ventured in the medical alert systems market with a lot of success. These companies provide sophisticated systems for people who are living alone in the house or for elderly people or for people who are susceptible to diseases like high blood pressure or hypertension etc. The device worn by the patient consists of a bracelet or pendant with a button at the center of the device. Whenever the patient suffers from a health issue like sudden loses of consciousness or is about to collapse, he simply has to press the button. The signal is transmitted by radio waves to a console that can be 100 to 600 feet apart. The console is attached to the telephone line. It immediately calls the emergency number of the help line and all the details of the patient are flashed on the computer screen of the help line officer. The officer calls the patient's home immediately and tries to speak with the patient. In case the patient is not able to answer, he can immediately send a medical team in an ambulance to the doctor's house. He can also call the patients relatives or family members (if they are not in the house at the moment) and inform them about the patient's condition. As a result emergency help arrives soon and the patient's life can be saved.

Canadian companies like Medic Alert are extremely professional organizations having large database of their clients. All their devices carry a warranty against any manufacturing defects. The devices are available at around 200 U.S. dollars and then there is a monthly rent of 30 U.S. dollars. They also have a 24/7 info line and also a have a web site that is updated regularly so that the members get all the information about new schemes and devices on the website. They can also carry a demonstration of their systems for prospective buyers on request.

Hence we see that the Canadian market for medical alert systems has been growing at a rapid pace and it is here to stay as more and more people buy the medical alert system devices. The demand for the medical alert systems in Canada is ever growing.

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