Medical Alert Jewelry

Medical Alert Jewelry

There are many situations in life when a person might face a sudden medical emergency like a sudden loss of consciousness or a sudden heart attack. As a result, medical alert systems have gained a significant role in our everyday lives. They have brought about positive results by saving the lives of thousands of people around the world.

The medical alert systems range from electronic devices at home that can trigger a call to the medical center automatically at a push of a button to simple medical alert ids. These ids can be carried by patients in a drawer in their homes or can be carried in a wallet or a purse when they go out. The medical alert ids consist of vital information about the patient such as his name, age, sex, address and telephone. In case the person is living alone the medical alert id contains information about the person's doctor such as his name, address and telephone number or information about the any of his close relatives.

Let's say a person faces a situation where a person suffers from a sudden heart attack. In this case he is not able to communicate his medical history or other vital information to a passer by. In that case, the person can point towards his medical id. The passers by will immediately take out the medical Id, read all the important information and ring up the concerned authorities so that the patient's life can be saved on time. Hence we see that medic ids engraved with the wearer's medical problem speaks for the wearer when the wearer can't.

Nowadays we see that jewelry worn by the person also doubles up as a medical alert id. Many companies have ventured in the business of engraving the person's vital information on the back of the jewelry. Medical alert jewelry comes in various shapes and sizes and varies from elegant bracelets to stylish watches to gold plated necklaces. The companies can also make the jewelry according to the design given by the customer. In the past, the medical alert ids were unattractive and cheaply made. But nowadays having medical alert ids behind exquisite jewelry is common.

Medical alert jewelry includes beautifully crafted bracelets, rings, and necklaces in either gold or silver or even made from titanium. Medical alert jewelry prices range from a few dollars to even thousands of dollars. However Medical alert jewelry serve the dual purpose of bringing out the persons personality and matching with their dresses to being a complete life saver in the case of an emergency. Also medical alert ids can be engraved on cuff links. Most of them come with a warrantee. Most of Medical alert jewelry is mass produced except for those specially designed for the clients.

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