Medical Alert Symbols

Medical Alert Symbols

Medical alert systems have gained a lot of significance today, especially in the case of developed countries. The system has still to establish itself in the developing and the underdeveloped countries. Medical alert systems have played a significant role in saving the lives of millions of people around the world and they will continue to do so. So how do these systems help in the case of a medical emergency?

Medical alert systems range from sophisticated devices enabling two way communications to simple clothing tags. The devices used at home consist of a device such as a bracelet or a pendant having an emergency button on the top. There is also a receiving station or a console centrally located in the house. So when a person suddenly loses his consciousness or is about to collapse, he immediately presses the button which sends a signal to the console. The console automatically calls the helpline from the telephone and help is sent immediately.

However a medical alert system can be as simple as a cloth tag or a pendant with all vital information about the person wearing it engraved or written at the back. The information consists of personal details such as his name, age, sex, telephone number and his address. Also his medical history is mentioned, such as if he is suffering from an y long term disease or what type of medications is he taking and if he has allergies against any medicines. Hence a passer by can see the information in case of an emergency and immediately call the patients doctor or an emergency number.

Due to the small size of the pendant or the bracelet, the information stated has to be very short and to the point. Hence people use symbols to signify a particular thing. There are certain styles to be engraved on the bracelet or the watch and it all depends on the sex and age of the person concerned. For example, Styles S, EN, SH, and LH above are ideal for ladies or children, depending on the amount of medical information to be engraved. Style EN relates to an Enamel emblem on front with medical information engraved on stainless steel back. Style SH means Stainless Steel front/emblem and medical information on back. And Style LH means Stainless Steel front/emblem with medical information on back. There are also other styles available of Medical alert symbols. The choice of the style also depends on the disease suffered by the patient.

Hence we see what an important part Medical alert symbols can play in our everyday lives. Medical alert symbols are small, but they serve a big purpose of saving thousands of loves around the world.

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